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Only five factories in the world can manufacture plastic Table Tennis balls at present.

They are Xushaofa. Double Fish. Double Happiness. Nittaku. Weener.

Double Fish and Double Happiness in China make only seamless balls. Nittaku Premium 40+ are seamed balls made in Japan but using a different

plastic and manufacturing process to Double Fish and Double Happiness.

Xushaofa of China are the only registered manufacturers of seamless balls. Weener is a German company who have produced the Butterfly G40

seamed ball which is in very short supply at the moment.

Seamed (All made by D.H.S. or Double Fish) Seamless (All made by XSF) Xushaofa Sports

DHS 40+ Xushaofa 40+, Double Fish 40 + Yinhe, Andro Speedball Mi1 Palio 40+, Donic 40 + Nexy 40+, Nittaku Sha Stag, Tibhar Syntt Xiom 40+, Joola Super P Kingnik 40+, Stiga Optimum 40+ Hanno, Butterfly 40+ Tibhar Syntt. SL, Yasaka 40+ Joola Flash, TSP 40+ Schildkrot, Cornilleau P, Chenval Marura, Gewo Ultra, Seemed, Butterfly G40, Nittaku Premium 40+