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Sponeta Table Sales

Sponeta Tables Sales.

All Sponeta Table Prices on application

ACTIVELINE S6-12i 22mm club/tournament table. Semi-compact type, space saving storage. 4 wheels each half, all manouverable. Separate net/post set. Playback facility. Green – S6-13i is Blue model

s652-48914NEW – Activeline S6-52 – Compact table, 22mm playing surface, suitable club and competition.4 wheels each table half, all manouverable, 2 lockable. Playback facility. Tight store. S6-53 is blue model.

s14-33908ACTIVELINE S6-66e Standard type outdoor table. 10mm melamine resin board. Masssive substructure. The alternative to a concrete table. Metal net. Green – S6-67e is Blue model.

s15-33908PROFILINE S7-12 Top level competition table. 25mm semi-compact type. 4 wheels each half – all manouverable – two with brakes. Classic net/post set. ITTF approved. Playback facility. Green – S7-13i is Blue model

s16-48914PROFILINE S7-22 Standard type competition table. 25mm playing surface. Classic net/post set. ITTF approved. Green – S7-23 is Blue model

s17-48914PROFILINE S7-62 Compact ype 25mm competition table. Stationary net/post set. Playback facility. ITTF approved. Green – S7-63 is Blue model

s18-48914CHAMPIONLINE S8-36 Super-compact type 25mm playing surface. 4 wheels – all manouverable. Classic net/post set. ITTF approved. Green – S8-37 is Blue model.

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SaveNew in stock…These fantastic indoor and outdoor tables


How unusual are these tables? Each with a grey 22mm tournament standard playing surface and a robust undercarriage. Very stable semi-compact models each with a fixed SDL net/post set. The outdoor Raw model has a 10mm melamine playing surface.

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