Nexy Blades for Sale in Ireland

Nexy Blades for Sale in Ireland, we are the specialists in Ireland. Nexy Blade Specialists

Akkad. Designed by the blade specialists Nexy for Tibhar,this blade is described as Off-but according to many who tried it, it is quite explosive. Unusual timber plies give it power and speed, and it feels really comfortable in the hand.7ply. St. Fl. An. OFF- Euro 66.00





Calix II nexy blades for sale in dublinCalix II This blade is a masterpiece. Average stiffness. 7 plies – outer ply burnt mahogany. Head thickness only 5mm. Nice speed yet high control.






Zealot blades for sale in irelandZealot A very balanced blade OFF-. 5 ply feeling like 7 ply. New Mystery outer veneer especially for the Polyball. Very good for mid distance loops and aggressive blocking.







Kanaph stiff hard blade for sale in dublinKanaph A stiff hard blade. Equal speed and control qualities. Very thin larger than average head. This blade was developed especially for plastic ball play.



Akrasia blade double speed blade for sale in irelandAkrasia A very, very, fast blade. It has a “Dual Speed” system whereby whilst attacking the blade feels extravagantly fast yet slower and easily controlled when blocking and serving. Large sweet spot, very little vibration





Nexy Oscar An ALC blade Sales in IrelandOscar An ALC blade with a knockout punch! Reduced vibration, ALC feel, great spin on power loops. It’s great for direct hitting. Even though an OFF+ blade it tries hard in the dwell department to enable some control.






Spartacus thin Hinoki/Carbon/Ayous bladeSpartacus Quite a thin Hinoki/Carbon/Ayous blade, a magical blade, an incredible blade! Lacks a little at and over the table, but at mid distance and away, all your shots hit the table with high speed and spin.










Labyrinthos blades for sale in irelandLabyrinthos A perfect weapon for players using OX long pimples on the backhand, due to a soft ply. Forehand is of a Balsa and Carbon composition giving a
speedier and aggressive effect.







Lissom blade for sale in irelandLissom A blade kept secret by Nexy for many years. Total comfort playing an allround game. Perfect combination of Spin, Speed, Feeling, and Control. A pleasure to play with. 7 ply.









Spear a Fast Spinny blade for Sale in county dublin irelandSpear Fast, Spinny, and Powerful weapon both close to, and away from the table. Great for loop, and reloop. Accommodates most any rubber you care to use. Loop your opponent in Dublin!

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