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We stock all types of Joola Blade and Ready Made BATS.

Power Control An ideal blade for the offensive player for sale in irelandPower Control An ideal blade for the offensive player who occasionally needs to revert to touch and control. A light and responsive weapon. 80g. Off- €24.00
All round Classic Joola ClassicAll round Classic Exactly what the name describes. A blade for the player who wants everything. Equal shares spin, speed, and control. 80g. AR/AR+ €24.00
 Gewo Standard Pro Starter Bat DublinGewo Standard Pro Starter Bat with fair spin FL €10.00
Tibhar Volcano X High quality irelandTibhar Volcano X High quality All/Off Bat FL €32.00
Tibhar Samsonov Powergrip Offensive sales dublinTibhar Samsonov Powergrip Offensive Bat with good control FL €30.00
Tibhar CCA Light Balsa for sale irelandTibhar CCA Light Balsa Good spin and speed balance FL €26.00
Joola Spider Blades new in irelandJoola Spider €36.00
Joola Mega Carbon Competition blades bats in dublinJoola Mega Carbon Competition Bat. Carbon fibre reinforced. Upp 2.0mm Rubbers €32.00
Joola Spinforce 500 in IrelandJoola Spinforce 500 7 ply blade with 2mm Infinity rubber. Competition quality €53.00
Joola Spinforce 900 for sale in IrelandJoola Spinforce 900 7 ply Carbon blade with max Infinity rubbers. Competition Quality. €63.00
Joola Linus Bats Outdoor Weatherproof for sale in dublinJoola Linus Bats Outdoor Weatherproof leisure bats. Set 2. €18.00
Joola All weather Bats Outdoor Weatherproof leisure bats in irelandJoola All weather Bats Outdoor Weatherproof leisure bats. Set 2. €28.00
Aruna Off+ blades Table tennisAruna Off+ A five ply fast aggressive blade showing it’s full potential when playing fast topspin shots. The basic touch and control attributes are still maintained. 90g. Off+. €56.00
Aruna Off A 7 blades IrelandAruna Off A 7 ply blade built especially for spin and control. Due to it’s modern carbon technology it still has the necessary power and punch. 85-90g. Off. €50.00
Mikado Off+ blades irelandMikado Off+ An easily controlled 7 ply aggressive blade. Ideal weapon for the speed orientated €28.00 player. 85-90g. Off+.
Mikado Off A speed mikado for sale in irelandMikado Off A speed controlled 5 ply blade. A great blade for the player favoring speed and spin in equal parts. 80-85g. Off. €25.00
Mikado All + joola blades sale dublin IrelandMikado All + Error reducing 5 ply blade produced especially for the controlled offensive player spin in equal parts. 80-85g. Off. who likes to counter attack. 80-85g. All +. €24.00
Black Rose Made in Sweden joola bladesBlack Rose Made in Sweden of 7 plys of quality African veneers. The balance between maximum control and high speed makes this blade a must for all ambitious players. 90-95g. Off- €50.00
Viking Classic Swedish blades for sale in dublinViking Classic Swedish 7 ply blade. Fantastic feedback therefore best possible touch. €40.00
Table Tennis blades colt off speed blade sales dublinColt Off Speed innovative ergonomic handle first sight seems strange, Quick and controllable top quality blade. 85-90g. Off. Easy on the wrist transmits extra power from forearm. A modern blade with a balsa core. 80g. Off. €42.00
Colt Off Control Joola Blades Dublin Table Tennis supplyColt Off Control Very balanced 5 ply Off blade with excellent control. Enough power to dominate your opponent. 85g. Off-. €40.00

tpe-49393 €47.00

A really high class OFF- blade. High stiffness and consistent playing features on the whole face of the blade. OFF-

tpen-49393 €46.00

A 7 Ply classic blade beautifully presented light but robust it has it all. Powerful topspins, expert blocks, shattering smashes – a beautiful but deadly weapon. OFF.       FALCON FAST +

fal-f-49393 €22.00

7 layer high quality veneers in an exceptional composition. This sensitive blade with soul is alive for every shot yet allows for precision at high speeds. 80-85g. FL, ST Speed: Fast Control: Med/high     FALCON FAST

fal-f2-49393 €19.00

7 ply blade with excellent well controlled offensive characteristics. The top veneers of Lymphwood provide the speed, while the five Ayous layers provide the control. 80-85g. FL, ST Speed: Fast Control: High   TPE PERFORM

tpep-49393 €59.00

A development of the very special “Roskopf Emotion” blade. Quality plies and built in carbon fibres combine to make a stiff blade with a huge sweet spot. High control with speed.. OFF.     TPE FIGHT

tpef-49393 €75.00

A very unique type of Aramid fibre blade. Kevlar carbon together with particularly high value and selected plies are used in the production of this exceptional blade which combines extreme speed, touch, and spin. OFF+.       SPIRIT ALL + 

spia-49393 €31.00

A lovely balanced blade on the offensive side of allround. Great touch, light at approx. 80gms. 45mm core. All+.       SPIRIT OFF

spio-49393 €35.00

A 6mm core makes this blade fast and medium stiff, guaranteeing controlled counter and topspin shots at high speed. OFF.         SPIRIT OFF+

spio+-49393 €35.00

Speed is highlighted in this blade. The 6.5mm core is instrumental in generating the highest speed and hardest topspin. OFF+.       FALCON FAST +

fal-f-49393 €22.00

7 layer high quality veneers in an exceptional composition. This sensitive blade with soul is alive for every shot yet allows for precision at high speeds. 80-85g. FL, ST Speed: Fast Control: Med/high   FLAME FAST

FlameFast-41698 €41.00

High speed and good control don’t have to be a contradiction. This blade, with a Hinoki outer ply and Burntec finishing, proves the fact. Speed: Fast Control: High 7 ply 85-90g     K7

k7-49393 €46.00

The new Carbon–Nett material has been used for the first time in this blade. Carbon-Nett is lighter than other Carbon fabrics and still provides the stiffness required for the speed of the blade. The Enzo layers used at bonding provide high control which is unusual in most Carbon blades. 90g. FL, ST Speed: Extreme Control: High     CHEN WEIXING

chen-49393 €32.00

A blade best suited to a variable and controlled chop defence game. Black – cloth layers in the construction provide increased control. 90g. Speed: Medium Control: Extra high.   K5

66530_K5-41698 €36.00

Lesss vibration through honeycomb placed in the RAG grip OFF     CHEN DEFENDER

66530_K5-41698 €36.00

7-ply oversize blade. Very precise. Ideal for long pimples. DEF     K 6

k6-41698 €47.00

An offensive blade without compromise. The middle layer of blue texalium guarantees excellent stiffness and a large sweet spot. Speed:Fast. Control:Med/High. Fl. St. 7ply. 90 gm.     FLAME EXTREME

Flame Extreme €41.00

Pure speed is not the sole motto of this quality blade. The intelligent combination of inner Limba plys and the outer Burntec veneers makes it possible for all players to control an “extreme” blade. Speed: Extreme Control: Medium/High 7 ply 90g   ROSSI JUNIOR


Exact reproduction of the Rossi Allround blade but specially designed for a child’s hand. ALL


66300_Rossi_Force-41698 €56.00

This is fast, has plenty of spin and excellent control, all generated byh two elastic layers of carbon with outer plys of Hinoki. OFF+   FEVER

Fever-41698 €55.00

First Joola blade with Meliorate Carbon which gives great ball feeling and a huge sweet spot. OFF   CHEN JUNIOR

BladeChenJunior-41698 €16.00

5-ply. Small light blade with short handle. Ideal for the young player. A/R   WING MEDIUM

Blade Wing Medium 36.00

5-ply. Nicely balanced blade. New handle technology. Speed and control evenly distributed. AR+ 
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