GEWO Rubbers

GEWO Rubbers for the the feel of play provided by soft rubber but without the usual loss of speed.

RETURN PRO retpro It is extremely easy to play with this rubber. It was developed for the modern spin oriented allround plus player. Moderate speed but fizzing spin. 2mm, A/R+.    

NANO FLEX FT48 ft48 The ultimate weapon with flexible high tension technology. A dynamic rubber only for the the best players. Huge spin ratings, and top speed values. 2.1mm, OFF+.    

  NANO FLEX FT45 ft45 Main focus of rubber is on spin and power. Medium plus sponge offers more precision and pressure. 1.9, 2.1mm, OFF.        

NANO FLEX FT40 ft40 Flexible and soft rubber giving excellent feeling with control. Very tacky surface. Great sound. 1.9, 2.1mm, OFF-.    

FLEXXON SOFT FLEXZ-65459 Are you ready for the unexpected? Soft – but yet fast – and still forgiving. Great for topspin. Ideal for league players. Off.-    

FLEXXON FX fx-4522 Softer version of the Flexxon.Special sponge allied to tacky surface gives killer spin.Suitable for players of every level this is an ideal weapon close to or mid-distance from the table/. 1.9 mm 2.1mm. Off.

RETURN CHOP chop-4522 A soft tacky rubber which readily absorbs spin. This responsive rubber gives great feel and control. Terrific for receiving serve, and accurate ball placement. 1.1/ 1.3/ 1.5/1.7/1.9 mm A/R-    

RETURN DRIVE Return Drive in dublin A versatile rubber for allround players. Soft responsive sponge and tacky rubber gives excellent feel for all shots. 1.9 2.1mm A/R .      

  REFLEXX SOFT gr1-4522 Are you ready for the unexpected? Feel the precision of power boost technology. Optimumisation that you can feel! Soft yet possessing explosive kick. Off 2mm. Max    

REFLEX SPEED gr3-4522 Great for touch and control. This rubber is 10% lighter than AIRTEC L and is very elastic and spinny. All+ 2mm. Max.    

REFLEX SPEED ReflexSpeed-4522 Top rubber of the newest Tension Power technology with increased built-in tension. Perfect for half distance topspin rallies and increased service spin. A great rubber for spin attackers. Speed: 105 Spin: 104 Control: 98 2/2.2mm Med.Hard  

  gewo Reflexx Sound rubbers irelandBuilt in sound and high speed. Speed and spin in perfect harmony. Speed:106 Spin:100 Control:105 2mm Max. REFLEX SOUND. PROTON XP 450 TURBO.        

Hype EL Pro 47.5 rubbers irelandHype EL Pro 47.5 A rubber designed to meet the demands of players with a higher practice routine, who favour harder sponges. High dynamic impact coupled with a very spinny surface makes this rubber a must for offensive players. Off+. 1.9, 2.1mm.        

Hype EL Pro 42.5 Optimal rubbers in irelandHype EL Pro 42.5 Optimal mix of speed, spin, and grip makes this rubber stand out.          

Hype EL Pro 40.0 rubbers in irelandHype EL Pro 40.0 The softest rubber of the series. The perfect rubber for players who Perfect for the player who wants maximum spin at high speed. Off. 1.9, 2.1mm. place great value on spin with maximum control. Off-. 1.9, 2.1mm.  



Fastest of the Gewo rubbers. There is a perfect balance between spin,speed,elasticity, and control. Recommended for high performing players. 1.9. 2.1mm. Off.+     Save