Table Tennis DVDs and Books

Table Tennis DVDs & Books


A three disc set showing how to move faster, improve your agility, and increase your stamina in table tennis. Proper technique and practice are dependent on your ability to get to the ball in time. The player with better footwork, agility, and stamina has a distinct advantage in any game. This programme is the only footwork conditioning programme in existence. Take advantage of it!



A three disc set specifically designed for a table tennis player. Increase your endurance with these specifically designed workouts. Speed up your muscles response, improve your explosive movement. Achieve rock solid balance. Dramatically improve your core strength. Simple, safe and effective.

Complete Table Tennis


By Dan Seemiller and Mark Nordby. Twin pack 3½ hour instructional DVD. Has all the information of one of their seminars. There are 12 chapters: Introduction – Fundamental strokes – Advanced strokes – General principles – Service – Service Return – Short Game – Footwork – Multiball – Style strategies – Long Pips – What’s in a player’s bag. Highly recommended for players who are serious about taking their game to the highest level they can attain.


Table Tennis Master – Service Mastery

80 mins. If you ever wanted to unleash deadly serves, then this will be the most important DVD you’ll ever see. Coach Tao Li will help you to master all variations of the forehand, backhand, and pendulum serves – master depth control, spin application, and service strategy – master the exotic forehand and backhand tomahawk serves. The material is easy to understand and brutally effective.

Table Tennis Master – Forehand Loop Mastery

Discover how to perform slow loops, loop drives, loop kiills, sidespin hook loops, and fade loops. With this DVD and Coach Tao Li as your guide, you’ll master the forehand loop faster than you ever thought possible. It’s practical, simple and the most cutting edge loop trainng available today.


Table Tennis Master – Backhand Loop Mastery

62 mins. This amazing DVD gives you step-by-step training so you can learn the different aspects of the backhand loop quickly. Canadian Level 3 Coach Tao Li will help you master the backhand slow loop, loop drive, fast loop, counter loop, sidespin hook and fade loops. With this DVD as you guide, you will learn the secrets of the backhand loop in no time.

Table Tennis Master – Forehand Smash Mastery

Forget spin, finesse and defence. Execute your forehand smash with deadly speed and precision. Master your timing, form and control when initiating an attack. The forehand smash is the most deadly stroke in the game and should be part of every player’s arsenal.

Pro Table Tennis Serves DVD

The serves of some of the best players in the world have been captured during practice and presented in this programe with a clarity that shows each detail in movement and contact points. All styles of service are covered and each is shown at full speed, half speed, and an extra slow analysis speed with a pause at significant points, then again at full speed. A super slow motion camera is used on some points, revealing even more detail of motion.

Table Tennis 101 DVD

One of the most acclaimed table tennis instruction programmes. Learn all of the basic strokes of Olympic level table tennis and the skills needed to play competitively. U.S, champions Wei Wang and Sean O’Neill illustrate each stroke in video clips shot from three different angles. Audio commentary supports the visual presentation. For each stroke there is a clip showing world top players using it in competition, and an analysis section that breaks the stroke down into its main components. 3D animations are used to explain basic concepts such as spin and ball trajectory. To allow the user to study any stroke, the DVD has a facility where access to each may be obtained by a click of the remote control.

TSP CD ROM – Mental Training For Table Tennis

By Prof.Dr.Diethelm Wahl (English)
Problems with “heavy” arm or “fluttering” nerves in decisive situations of an important match? This CD can help. It contains seven items:-
* Stop codes individually adjusted to each player
* Deep abdominal breathing and muscle relaxation
* Interruption of action in critical situations
* Optimistic hitting techniques
* Emotional preparation for the next competition
* Building up self confidence

World Class Strokes

Watch some of the world’s best players at work. Observe their strokes close up and personal. This DVD shows them at practice and allows a clean and clear analysis of their technique. Amongst the 22 top players shown are Samsonov, Maze, Linghui, Schlager, Boll, Creanga, Persson and Ma Lin.


Wonderful and Wacky World of Table Tennis


The table tennis of the superstars. Includes highlights and bloopers.
1 Hour.



More from the Wonderful Worlld of Table Tennis 


This DVD is designed to help improve your game. It is organised into sections focusing on the styles and specific techniques of champions.
1 Hour.



Table Tennis Beyond Imagination


Includes many of the best points from over 500 hours of video coverage of world class table tennis. Slo-Mo of the top 40 points, and featuring the special features of the classic Sweden vs China World Men’s Team Final.


FANTASTIC! The Table Tennis Skills of the amazing Michael Maze


This DVD underlines the key points of table tennis. Included are service and return, 3rd ball attack, short backspin returns, counter hit top spins, and amazing lobs.
Super DVD.


TIBHAR DVD – Table Tennis Technique with Vladimir Samsonov


Instructional DVD with Tips.


2009 World Table Tennis Championships

€105.00 Set(8)


Men’s Singles.
8 DVDs.
2 Hours per DVD.


49th World Team Table Tennis Championships 2008

€76.00 Set(4)

29 complete matches.
4 DVDs.
11½ hours of action.


Table Tennis Tactics Book

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