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XIOM Blades VEGA PRO NEW VEGA EURO NEW A beautiful blade – almost a work of art. Five wood plies – one Zephylium – one X-Carbon. Unique jointless wood. An offensive plus weapon for the top player. FL. ST. This is a blade you must try! Unbelievable feeling – has many gears. Five wood plies […]

XIOM Table Tennis Products Xiom Rubbers and Blades. Xiom Accessories Phased dynamics in the energy transfer between a ball and a rubber determines speed Click on an Image below for a list of products Rubbers Blades Save

Butterfly Blades Butterfly high quality Table Tennis equipment. High Definition Rubbers, Spring Sponge, High Tension. Finest Blades. Please Note That, Due To An Unexpected Increase In Prices By The Manufacturers, It Will Be Necessary To Contact Celtic Table Tennis For The Prices Of Butterfly Blades Blades Innerforce ZLC    Prices Available on Request Timo Boll […]

Celtic Table Tennis logo

Butterfly Products including tables, bats balls, blades, Click on an Image below for more   Rubbers/Blades Save

Celtic Table Tennis logo

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Irish Joola Bath Towel Soft

Other Textiles by Joola TOWEL 14 NEW 100% Cotton. High quality terry cloth. 50 X 100cm. GREEN. TOWEL SUPER-P NEW 100% Cotton. High quality terry cloth. 50 X 100cm. WHITE. Joola Bath Towel Soft Terry Cloth Towel, very high quality. 100% Cotton. 70cm x 140cm. Blue Save