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XIOM Rubbers OMEGA V TOUR NEW Produces maximum spin and speed at lower swing speed. Extra precision for passive and offensive shots. Experience the new dynamics. OMEGA V PRO NEW Designed for top players. Extra playing properties produced by new sponge and top surface. Extra spin with sharper control. SIGMA II EURO NEW Designed and […]

Butterfly Blades suppliers in ireland

Butterfly Rubbers Please Note That, Due To An Increase In Prices By The Manufacturers. It Will Be Necessary To Contact Celtic Table Tennis For The Prices Of Butterfly Rubbers Rubbers Spinart – Prices Available on Request. Tenergy 05 – Prices Available on Request. Tenergy 64 – Prices Available on Request. Tenergy 80 – Prices Available […]

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TSP Rubbers in Stock CURL P4 NEW CURL P3 ALPHA R Terrific rubber for modern defensive game. Soft sponge, very good control,but also possesses surprising attacking capabilities. Ox..5mm. 1mm 1.5mm. Def.+ Pimples out. The Curl P3aR has been newly adapted to ITTF regulations. DEF OX/0.5/1.0/1.5 CURL P1 R SPECTOL 21 Pimples out. The popular Curl […]

Joola Spinforce 500 in Ireland

We stock all types of Joola Blade and Ready Made BATS. All round Classic Exactly what the name describes. A blade for the player who wants everything. Equal shares spin, speed, and control. 80g. AR/AR+ Tibhar Samsonov Powergrip Offensive Bat with good control FL Aruna Off+ A five ply fast aggressive blade showing it’s full […]

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Joola Rubbers Rhyzm-Tech Another chapter in the Rhyzm Saga. Modification of the sponge resulting in large pores makes it a real catapult machine with huge topspin. A challenge to use but the results are rewarding. 2mm Max. Off-, Off Extreme. Polyball Friendly. Novic Medium to Hard sponge with an extremely grippy surface. Excellent control, the […]

Complete Table Tennis Bats

Tibhar Table Tennis Rubbers Stockists As you can see we have a comprehensive stock. If you are looking for anything, not on the list. Please Contact Us. Celtic Table Tennis Supply Bats and Tibhar Rubbers Tibhar Rubbers, Blade Rubbers Tennis and Table Tennis Tibhar Table Tennis Evolution FXS Little brother of the MX-P. Has the […]