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TSP Rubbers in Stock CURL P4 NEW CURL P3 ALPHA R Terrific rubber for modern defensive game. Soft sponge, very good control,but also possesses surprising attacking capabilities. Ox..5mm. 1mm 1.5mm. Def.+ Pimples out. The Curl P3aR has been newly adapted to ITTF regulations. DEF OX/0.5/1.0/1.5 CURL P1 R SPECTOL 21 Pimples out. The popular Curl […]

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Irish Joola Bath Towel Soft

Other Textiles by Joola TOWEL 14 NEW 100% Cotton. High quality terry cloth. 50 X 100cm. GREEN.           TOWEL SUPER-P NEW 100% Cotton. High quality terry cloth. 50 X 100cm. WHITE.             Joola Bath Towel Soft Terry Cloth Towel, very high quality. 100% Cotton. 70cm x […]

Joola Nets & Balls Three star poly ball. (White). SUPER-P 40+ Box 3 or Box 6 SUPER 40 Box 72       Three star poly ball. (black).  Box 3 – Box 72 – €66.00 Durable and extremely resilient. black or ORANGE.             NET WM ULTRA €44.00 Top model for […]

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Joola Jackets and Sweatwear. High quality casual jacket made in modern material and designed Joola jackets ask for prices Sweater Yemi Classic sweatshirt with Joola Logo. 80% Cotton. 20% Polyester. Navy S – 2XL         Hoody Danny Hooded Jacket. Very comfortable two side pockets. 60% Polyester. 40% Cotton.   Navy, Grey, 2XS […]

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Joola Glues & Cleaners Joola Glues/Cleaners LEX GLUE Solvent-free glue with latex baase. Short drying time. Excellent adhesion. 100ml Lex Glue Solvent-free glue with latex base. Short drying time. Excellent adhesion. 20ml 100ml –       CLIPPER FOAM RUBBER CLEANER Cleans and cares for TT rubbers. 150ml   X-GLUE GREEN POWER (37ml) (90ml) €38 […]

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Joola Shoes and Socks SOCKS NOBA NEW 80% Cotton/ 20% Spandex. BLACK/RED, black/BLACK, black/BLUE, black/RED. S(35-38), M(39-42), L(43-45), XL(46-47).           PRO JUNIOR NEW For the first ever time Joola presents a shoe especially for children. The eva midsole protects young joints from damage while the nonslip sole gives a firm base […]

Joola Club Equipment & fitness Items SERVICE PRACTICE NET Compact and easy to store practical folding system. Clever rolling system.       AC ADAPTER Suitable for use with all Buddy robots.     Robot TT Buddy Topspin This is the ideal training aid for beginners. Only topspin balls can be ejected,and the ball frequency […]

Stockists Joola Metro shorts

Joola Shorts and Skirts in Stock SHORTS MACO NEW 100% Polyester. Lightweight, half long shorts, two pockets, elasticated waist and drawstring. BLACK. Navy XXS – 5XL.         LADY SKIRT SINA NEW 90% Polyester/ 10% Elastic. Skirt with integrated hot pants in three fresh colours. NAVY/YELLOW, BLACK/RED, BLACK/GREEN. XXS – XXL.     […]